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Environmental Farm Plans

What is Environmental Farm Planning? Environmental farm planning is a no charge, confidential, voluntary process available to producers to identify both environmental strengths and potential risks on their farms. It can include a prioritized action plan to reduce any risks that remains private to each farm.
Why do we need Environmental Farm Planning? Consumers increasingly base their buying decisions on a desire to support environmental sustainability. Producers have shown they are admirable stewards of Canada’s agri-environmental resources – they apply many good environmental practices that increase their profitability and benefit the environment. By working together we can accelerate efforts to reduce agricultural risks and provide environmental benefits.

The Environmental Farm Planning program in BC strives to: improve the sustainability of the province’s agricultural industry; recognize producer efforts to manage their land in an environmentall sustainable manner; improve awareness; enhance marketing opportunities; improve the response to environmental incidents through contingency planning; demonstrate on-farm due diligence, reduce the need for additional environmental regulation and improve relationships with environmental agencies.
By supporting producers that have completed an Environmental Farm Plan we are recognizing the effort that these producers are putting forward to be conscious of the agricultural environmental impacts. If local producers have noted their Environmental Farm Plan in their profile let them know that you appreciate the effort.