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Partnerships Work in 100 Mile House

Keith is a builder; when he puts his mind to something it gets built. A carpenter by trade he developed an interest in hot dog carts, believing that they could be his entree into the local 100 Mile House Farmers’ Market. After a significant amount of research and traveling to the coast to find a reasonably priced hot dog cart, Keith and his son decided to build their own.

After it was built Keith became a vendor at the 100 Mile House Farmers Market and the interest in his cart was immediate. Using a local high school student, Keith had a website done and started to get the word out. It didn’t take long and he is already building his 4th cart to order. It takes about 3 weeks to build each cart and they use propane for the BBQ, 3 burner stove and oven, fridge and hot water heater.

After building and using his Retro Cart at the Farmers Market Keith decided that what he really wanted was to use a better quality product for both buns and hot dogs, smokies and bratwursts. He now has his buns made fresh for him at the local bakery located at the 99 Mile Supermarket. Keith talked to Gus Horn, a local beef rancher about how to get the local hot dog products he was looking for. Keith was then introduced to the two people who would help form this partnership, Frank from Frank’s Custom Meat and Tina Johnson from Family Farm Natural Meat, another vendor at the 100 Mile House Farmers Market. Together they turned this opportunity into reality.

Tina takes her meat product to Frank for value-added processing; Frank processes the hot dogs, smokies and bratwursts that Keith needs; Tina and Keith pick up the finished product from Frank. Back at the Farmers Market, Keith cooks up Tina’s hot dogs for sale at his Retro Cart and while the community is happily chowing down he tells them that if they would like more frozen hot dogs to take home that Tina can help them out with that. While Tina is serving customers from her freezer she tells them that if they would like to try one of the hot dogs right away, that they can go over to Keith’s Retro Cart.

By working together these three have managed to successfully expand the products that each of them offers while creating an opportunity to increase their local sales into their community.

Tina & Chris Johnson
Family Farm Natural Meat

Keith Jackson
Retro Carts