Connect with Businesses in the Cariboo–Chilcotin Region

Supporting Local Agriculture

In the Cariboo Chilcotin you don’t have to look far to find people committed to local sustainable food production and along the way are creating new relationships. Systems that support local farmers and ranchers, based on good taste and sustainable agriculture practices.
At a community level, local food systems are growing like beans in an early hot summer. Farmers’ markets are growing and farmers are returning to the markets. CSA projects are continuing to expand in more communities and are finding enough customers to fill their baskets. Relationships are developing as producers are working together, producers and retailers are working together and producers and value-added developers are working together.
This type of relationship can be called the soft infrastructure that goes into building a successful agriculture business. Because make no mistake about it, the producer has to treat it as a business. In 2006, producers spent 90 cents for every dollar they made – down a cent from 2000. Just as important as barns, processing and livestock, the relationship with businesses and customers that supports your vision is critical to ongoing success.
Building community food hubs is an exciting vision of food production that crosses boundaries. Hubs that grow, store, sell and buy local food, interact and discuss food, and provide educational resources are essential to creating a local food system.
Whether you are involved with production or just enjoy eating, right now local food is undergoing an electrifying resurgence in popularity.