MarketPlaceBC FAQ


What is the purpose of this site?
A: The MarketPlaceBC website has two purposes. One is to provide consumers with the contact information they need to purchase local food direct from the producer or from a retailer that purchases from local producers. The second purpose is to assist producers in marketing their products and providing statistical and research information to become better producers.
Can I advertise on this site?
A: At this time there is no advertising on this site. However, vendor profiles have been established to help producers market themselves directly to consumers and commercial customers.

How Do I Do This?

How do I post a product for sale?
A: You can post a product for sale by going to this page. Enter a short title of the product or item you are selling in the title field. Choose which category the item belongs to: Product, Equipment, Services, or Transportation. Enter a detail description of the item in the Production Description field. Enter a short description of the item in the Production Description field. If the item has passed or obtained certain type of certification, list them in the Certification field. You can upload up to 3 images for the item you are selling in the product image section. Image files supported are PNG, GIF, JPEG files. Enter an expiration date for your posting. After the expiration date, the item posted will be removed from the website. Enter the unit of the item you are sell such as pounds or cases. Enter the condition of the item is in. Enter the price of the item you are selling. Click on the Post Product button and you will be asked to create a new account or log in to the site (if you have previously established an account).