Blue Lotus Creative

A Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing Agency on a Mission

Since our inception in 2008, we have consistently been rooted in our values and our hearts, striving to work with organizations that are helping to change the world for the better, and helping to create an equitable, sustainable and transparent future for all people of this planet.

We’ve been designing, developing and optimizing websites for over 15 years (specializing in WordPress & Shopify optimization), yet our expertise lies in our knowledge of how all the aspects of digital marketing come into play in achieving your business and organization goals; from branding and graphic design, to SEO and PPC advertisements, to nitty gritty website and digital presence optimization to ensure we are giving you an advantage over your competition.

Our value aligned team not only has the passion and drive to put in the time required to really make your organization shine, but as a small agile team of highly skilled partners, we also have the expertise, strategies & resources to facilitate an increase in sales or leads for those amazing organizations that we here at Blue Lotus like to call, heroes.

We’d like to meet you and hear your story. There’s a hero in all of us.

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